Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Twitterific! And other Twitter stuff...

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image via WikipediaFrom MicroPersuasion (found through Original Signal) comes this about Twitter.

What's Twitter? Is it only for "early adopters"? As a sometime early adopter (btw, I'm here) I get involved in a fair number of these things, and some stick, others don't. (For example, while I think the Snow Crash world of Second Life is kinda sorta one future of the internet, I don't even know my name there anymore.)

But to me, Twitter, like Second Life, is representative of a good sized chunk of our future networked interactions. And while the reality of it seemed a bit silly to me (what, a year ago at SXSW?), the whole micro-content long-tail thing really feels like the future. Getting mini-updates from Duke City Fix and the Albuquerque Journal... pretty cool.

Even if Twitter is Just a Geek Haven, It's Still Very Influential

There's been an interesting discussion over the last few days about Twitter's reach. WSJ reporter Kara Swisher surveyed her dinner party and found out that no one there uses the micro-blogging site. Meanwhile Gina Trapani on Lifehacker is running a survey asking if Web 2.0 benefits only the tech elite.

Now let's look at the data. According to figures just out from Hitwise, Twitter is the 439th largest social networking site and 4309 overall. To be sure, growth is booming. But the site is still niche.

So all of the signs generally point the same way. Most of the social networking and online communities are definitely geek havens. MySpace, Facebook and YoutTube are three that have gone mainstream. So does that mean these smaller sites, like Twitter, are not worthy of a brand's time? Hardly.

Geeks are by far more influential than any other online contingency, except the big media. Geeks pass the puck from Twitter to blogs back to Twitter. Eventually it hits Techmeme, Saul Hansell at the Times takes notice and then the whole world knows.

If you want another measure of how this all works... visit the original article and check out the twitter traffic about it!

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