Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of 'Get a Mac' and more...

I've been watching the piling on against Apple recently and wondering what it is that's allowed Adobe and Google to position Apple as the new Microsoft.  And maybe it's... victory?

Or perhaps it's letting go of Justin Long and the 'Get a Mac' ad series - which effectively signals that Apple's head-to-head battle with Microsoft is over.  Now I'm not a HUGE fan of Justin's but I have liked him since his time on Ed so... I'm guessing that by becoming *the* computer company of the current age means they can't really play the upstart any longer.

While Steve and company may have real business and technical reasons to be unhappy with Adobe and Google, it seems they can't expect the wider public to be on their side anymore... and may want to do some work on their role as an *industry* leader.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Figuring Budgets for Kickstarter

Anyone out there using Google Buzz?

How about Twitter? 

The system I'm using this second can't do Twitter (please don't ask), but I found a post from Randy Nargi on Buzz that's well worth checking out.

I think I've mentioned this before, but just in case, Randy is a local filmmaker who's had some success with the funding site Kickstarter (, "a new way to fund ideas and endeavors".  It's a site and process that's well worth checking out for indie filmmakers and others financing smaller projects (I forget if there's a cap, but I think I've only seen projects for $10K and below).  

If you're thinking of going this route, there's a very useful post at the Coffee & Celluloid blog that lays out the processing costs and other considerations in using Kickstarter -- pretty valuable stuff for other kinds of projects as well.  Visit the blog at:


Monday, November 9, 2009

Popcap Games on OReilly Radar

Very good interview (both audio and text format) with the Jason Kapalka, founder of Popcap Games, on the OReilly Media's Radar column. If you're interested in the production and distribution of (highly addictive) casual games, and how the companies that make them grow... this is very useful stuff.

If you're interested in game development close to home... our next local IGDA chapter meeting (that's the International Game Developers Association) is this coming Wednesday at 6PM. All are welcome -- more info at

Meanwhile, the article is here:

The Minds Behind Some of the Most Addictive Games Around
If you've wasted half your life playing Peggle, Bejeweled, Zuma or Plants vs. Zombies, blame these guys!
by James Turner
The gaming industry tends to focus on the high end products, first person shooters that crank out a bazillion polygons a seconds and RPGs which spend more time developing the plot in cut scenes than in actual gameplay. But for every person playing Borderlands, there are scores playing casual games like Bejeweled and Zuma. PopCap Games has been at the forefront of casual game development, with a catalog that includes bestselling titles like Peggle and Plants vs Zombies, in addition to the two previously mentioned. I recently had a chance to talk to Jason Kapalka, one of the founders and the creative director of PopCap. We discussed the evolution of PopCap, how the casual gaming industry differs from mainstream gaming, and the challenges of creating games that can be engaging, without being frustrating...
Full article and audio at: The Minds Behind Some of the Most Addictive Games Around